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Topic outline


    Essential training designed to equip you with the necessary understanding of blockchain technology, how the industry landscape is evolving, and where you can fit in.  The blockchain landscape is complex and growing rapidly.  This hands-on course will enable fluency and competence in blockchain technology and the ecosystem as a whole.

    This class is for:

    • Anyone who wants to understand how blockchain technology works.
    • Blockchain Fundamentals is a business class, not an investing class.


      • love to learn
      • Access to laptop and internet to stream classes
      • Internet to be part of live class
      • Availability to attend 80% of the classes and catch up any missed content via recording


        • This is a Live, Virtual class, taught by an amazing, wicked smart, and engaging blockchain expert.   Classes are recorded for attendees.
        • Each learner will receive secure access to our on-line learning portal for materials, forums, and resources.
        • Designed for rapid learning and growth with many opportunities to participate and have fun. 
        • Experience hands-on labs using real crypto currencies, smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi platforms and more.

      • SYLLABUS

        Objective: Understand the basics of what is blockchain technology and its value in today’s world

        Key Pillars

        • Ownership & Trust
        • Distributed networks
        • Economically incentivized participation
        • History to decentralized currency with Bitcoin


        • Basic terms and definitions
        • Hash Functions
        • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
        • Digital Signatures

        Consensus (e.g., Mining & Staking)

        • Basic terms and definitions
        • Evolution of consensus models (e.g., Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, etc.)
        • Examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum

        Data and Asset Management (e.g., smart contracts, addresses, transactions)

        • Basic terms and definitions
        • What is a smart contract
        • How addresses work across most blockchains  (examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum)
        • How do transactions work across most blockchains (examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum)
        • Security and the blockchain
        • How these concepts tie into product creation


          Jobs in the space

          • Attendance, and pass on-line tests = Certificate of Completion
          • Register for and take global exam = APMG - Global Certificate