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Topic outline


    By the end of this course you will have a deeper understanding of blockchain, its powerful capabilities, current-day limitations, and its continually evolving industry. 

    Who is this Course For?

    • Blockchain Fundamentals is a business class, not an investing class.  It is designed for anyone who wants to understand how blockchain technology works, as well as the ecosystems, existing sectors, and how to engage with this exciting, fast-growing market.
    • Learners who enjoy being on the cutting edge.


    • A strong hunger and curiosity to learn new concepts for the future digital economy
    • Basic understanding of web technology


    • This is a Live, Virtual class, taught by an amazing, wicked smart, and engaging blockchain expert.   Classes are recorded for attendees.
    • Each learner will receive secure access to our on-line learning portal for materials, forums, and resources.
    • Designed for rapid learning and growth with many opportunities to participate and have fun. 
    • Experience hands-on labs using real crypto currencies, smart contracts, NFTs, DeFi platforms and more.


    Objective: Understand the basics of what is blockchain technology and its value in today’s world

    Key Pillars

    • Ownership & Trust
    • Distributed networks
    • Economically incentivized participation
    • History to decentralized currency with Bitcoin


    • Basic terms and definitions
    • Hash Functions
    • Symmetric and Asymmetric Encryption
    • Digital Signatures

    Consensus (e.g., Mining & Staking)

    • Basic terms and definitions
    • Evolution of consensus models (e.g., Proof of Work, Proof of Stake, etc.)
    • Examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum

    Data and Asset Management (e.g., smart contracts, addresses, transactions)

    • Basic terms and definitions
    • What is a smart contract
    • How addresses work across most blockchains  (examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum)
    • How do transactions work across most blockchains (examples with Bitcoin and Ethereum)
    • Security and the blockchain
    • How these concepts tie into product creation

    • INDUSTRY LANDSCAPE (Classes 3 & 4)

      Objective: Learn about the current landscape from a business sector perspective

      Existing Sectors

      • Currency & Payments
      • Traditional Finance to Decentralized Finance (DeFi)
      • Gaming, Art, Entertainment (including NFTs)
      • Supply Chain
      • Storage & Computing
      • Identity & Verification (Security)
      • Blockchain Infrastructure
      • Tools (digital shovels and pickaxes)
      • Business support (from accounting to marketing)

      Jobs in the space

      • Job titles and job descriptions
      • How to get involved in the space

      Blockchain’s Global Reach

      • Growth in an international landscape
      • Implications of existing laws and regulations
      • Determining your industry and level of global reach

      • MARKET ENGAGEMENT (Class 5)

        Objective:  Determine what would be the ideal market segment to engage and how to do so.  Will have 3 paths to consider, (1) Career, (2) Start-up, (3) Enhancing Existing Business

        Understanding Your Market

        • Differences between integrating blockchain into an existing business vs. starting fresh
        • User spectrum (from crypto oblivious to crypto enthusiast)
        • Why communities matter (particular for B2C)

        Labs & Presentations

        • Cohort and individual based assignment presentations begin

        • ACTUALIZATION (Class 6)

          Objective: Complete class presentations and action models based on what inspired and interested each learner most during the class.  

          Resource Guidance

          • Whitepapers
          • Podcasts
          • Books
          • Communities
          • Contests

          Research & Investigation Tools

          • Keys for evaluating blockchain and crypto-based solutions and companies
          • Action models

          Final Class Assignments 

          • Final assignment showcase, peer reviews, and discussion