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Topic outline

  • Kepner & Fourie Advanced Problem Solving

    Effective Problem Solving and Decision Making plays a critical role in successful business execution. 

    Regardless of your industry or mission, effective problem solvers are the value drivers that help maximize your organizational performance.

    The ability of staff to identify the most probable and correct cause of a problem “first time, every time” and to find collaborative solutions to rectify it, is becoming a highly sought after skill set. The aim of this class, working in concert with the IPPS (Institute for Professional Problem Solvers) is to identify those individuals that have the ability to solve problems and find solutions that will make a difference in the company results achieved. 

    Successful completion of this course material, along with actively practicing in the exercises and case studies will enable you to:

    1.  Identify and remove common misguided thinking in the workplace and your private life.

    2.  Generate and identify the core issues represented in any problem situation that will lead to faster and permanent resolution.

    3.  Use a set of questions to gather the relevant information to serve as the basis for a systematic analysis and verification for underlying causes.

    4.  Clarify complicated or hazy situations that were previously unidentifiable or unresolvable.

    5.  Make successful decisions and develop solutions to improve and innovated areas of the workplace by following a logical and systematic approach.