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AristaLearn proudly delivers training and certifications for active duty Army & Army Reserve service members

Take career-enhancing courses anytime, anywhere in the world!

What is ArmyIgnitED? 

ArmyIgnitED is an army tuition assistance program that reimburses soldiers, cadets and Army civilians for online learning courses and certifications. Because the courses are available online, you can take them anywhere in the world at any time—whether you're home or deployed. 

Why should I spend money on training courses? 

We believe that learners become leaders—and great leaders are continuous learners. When you get additional certifications, you not only enhance your skills while you serve our country, but you also increase your employability when it's time to transition from the Army. 

Why should I choose AristaLearn? 

Our certification courses are all available on demand, online, which means you can earn your certification at any time, anywhere. Learning—on your schedule!

What training courses do you offer? 

We offer training in:

  • Project management
  • Scrum certification
  • Agile certification
  • Information security
  • CompTIA certification
  • Amazon AWS certification
  • Human resources
  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Leadership
  • Risk Management
  • And more!

Our course catalog is growing all the time. If there's a course we don't offer that you're interested in, email us and we'll work to add it to our list.

How do I sign up for ArmyIgnitED?

  1. Apply to American Military University, if you have not already applied. 
  2. Register for your course(s) through AMU's ecampus using the student ID number you receive once you are admitted. 
  3. Visit the ArmyIgnitED website and click "Get Started" to create your account in the platform.
All of AristaLearn's courses can be found on AMU's ecampus as well.

Check out the ArmyIgnitED website for more information.