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Courses are On-Line via this eCampus.  Delivery modes can vary from:  On-Demand, Scheduled Cohorts and Live, Virtual Sessions.

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Advanced Problem Solving (K&F™)

Advanced Problem Solving (K&F™):  When systems fail, businesses and organizations leak dollars. How quickly can you or your team identify the source of an incident and implement a solution?  The pros who know how to navigate increasingly complex environments and, better yet, to guide others through a maze of problems and decisions, are needed more than ever!

  16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit
Big Data Analytics - R using R Studio

Big Data Analytics - R, using R-Studio: In this hands-on, practical course, participants will delve deeper into Big Data analysis, using R-Studio to work with large data sets to build statistical reports and extract information. Learn to access, mine and analyze data for problem-solving in real-world business situations and walk away with the confidence and knowledge you need to outpace your peers and out-think their competition. 

  16 Hours, 16 PDUs, 1 College Credits
Big Data Fundamentals
Big Data Fundamentals is designed to give you a working overview of Big Data, including its terminology, technologies, applications and functions. You’ll swiftly gain a clear understanding of what Big Data is, how it is best utilized, and how you can apply Big Data principles and analytics within your own organization. 

  16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit
Certified CAPM®: Primarily based on the Project Management Institute’s (PMI®) ‘A Guide to The Project Management Body of Knowledge’ (PMBOK®) standards and certification process for the designation of Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) from PMI.

21 Hours; 21 PDUs

Certification in Agile Service Management teaches the application and integration of agile thinking into service management processes and process design projects.  This is the follow-on course after DevOps Foundation.

  16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit
Change Management Foundation
Certified Change Management Foundation:   Managing change within an organization isn’t easy. According to a recent study, only 25% of the surveyed companies indicated that they were successful.  This course will provide a more in-depth look at change management and how to navigate change within the organization. 

  20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits
Change Management Practitioner
Certified Change Management Practitioner: 
Managing change within an organization is neither fast nor easy. Combined with the Change Management™ Foundation course, the Practitioner-level course guides participants as they continue to develop their body of knowledge in the discipline of change management to the higher standards.

  8 Hours; 8 PDUs; .5 College Credits
Cloud Essentials

CompTia Cloud Essentials Certification focuses on the real-world issues and practical solutions of cloud computing in business and IT. It’s the preferred cloud certification for business professionals and non-IT staff. While it isn’t a technical-heavy certification, its coverage of cloud computing principles is anything but superficial.

  24 Hours; 24 PDUs; 1.5  College Credits
COBIT® 5 Foundation
COBIT® 5 Foundation:  This course provides a comprehensive introduction to COBIT 5. COBIT 5 Foundation certificate holders can understand the governance and management of enterprise IT, create awareness at senior levels and decide which elements of COBIT will benefit their organisation.

  20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits
DevOps Foundation


DevOps Foundation Certification
answers the cultural and professional movement that improves the flow of work between software developers and IT operations professionals. This collaborative environment results in faster design, deployment and operation of software and services.

  16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit
IT Root Cause Analysis (K&F™)
IT Root Cause Analysis (K&F™): 
Students will learn to master structured incident investigation methodologies. Techniques involve first correctly stating the problem or issue, followed by the gathering of relevant facts, and concluding with an intuitive analysis of suggested solutions. In this course, the student will not only learn the techniques but be given tools to repeat the process and guide their discussions in their workplace.

  20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits
Foundations v4
ITIL® Foundations v4 (Newly Released February 2019):  This course will introduce you to service management key concepts, ITIL principles, the ITIL service value system (SVS), ITIL practices and their role in a service provider organization.

  16 Hours, 16 PDUs, 1 College Credit
ITIL® Service Strategy
ITIL® Service Strategy:  This Intermediate level certification will offer you an introduction to Service Strategy including the Service Strategy principles and the Service Strategy processes. 

  28 Hours; 28 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Service Design
ITIL® Service Design: This Intermediate level certification will offer you an introduction to Service Design, Service Design principles and Service Design processes.

  28 Hours; 28 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Service Transition

ITIL® Service Transition:  This Intermediate level certification will offer you an introduction to Service Transition, the Service Transition principles and Service Transition processes.
  28 College Credits; 28 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Service Operation
ITIL® Service Operation:  This Intermediate level certification will offer you an introduction to Service Operation, Operation principles and Operation processes.
  28 Hours; 28 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Continual Service Improvement

ITIL® Continual Service Improvement:  This Intermediate level certification will offer you an introduction to Continual Service Improvement, Continual Service Improvement principles and Continual Service Improvement processes.
  28 Hours; 28 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Service Offerings & Agreements
ITIL® Service Offerings and Agreements (SOA): This course looks at the practical application of SOA practices in order to enable portfolio, service level, service catalog, demand, supplier and financial management.

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Planning, Protection & Optimization
ITIL® Planning, Protection & Optimization (PPO):  This course focuses on the application of Planning, Protection and Optimization practices in order to optimize capacity, availability, IT service continuity, information security and demand management.

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Release, Control & Validation

ITIL® Release, Control & Validation (RCV):  Designed to develop organizations’ or individuals’ understanding of the ITIL Service Transition processes, this course provides the knowledge needed to manage transitional changes effectively, to ensure that new services are verified and tested correctly and that release and deployment meet organizational requirements.

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Operations, Support & Analysis

ITIL® Operations, Support & Analysis (OSA): The course concentrates on the application of OSA practices in order to enable event, incident, request, problem, access, technical, IT operations and application management.

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits
ITIL® Managing Across The Lifecycle Course
ITIL® Managing Across the Lifecycle (MALC) is based around a case study. The case study you will use during the exam is provided as part of your course material.

32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits
Negotiation for Business Leaders

Negotiation for Business Leaders:  We negotiate every day with colleagues, clients, suppliers, your new job, home or car. Graduates from all over the world have increased their confidence and competence to negotiate dramatically better deals. Your recognition will earn you more respect and greater responsibility.

  20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits
Network+ CompTia Certification:
This powerful credential will help take your IT career to the next level. Trains and validates the skills needed to work with both wired and wireless networks, and also included are emerging technologies such as unified communications, mobile, cloud, and virtualization technologies. 

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs
PMP® Certification:
Comprehensive program that will assist individuals in their preparation for taking PMI®’s PMP® certification exam based on the PMBOK® Guide 5th edition. The Virtual program qualifies for 36 contact hours.
  36 Hours; 36 PDUs; 2.5 College Credits
Project Rescue (K&F™)
Project Rescue (K&F™):  is a skill-building class in the KandF™ Problem Solving suite that is uniquely related to Project Management. In this course, you will learn a practical set of tools, techniques and processes to effectively get derailed projects back on track. Learn to find the reasons for project overruns and explore the most effective solutions to solve problems and move the project forward once again. This is not another Project Management workshop, but a working symposium on how to troubleshoot projects successfully.

  20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits
Become a Professional Scrum Master (PSM) from   In the agile environment, the Scrum Master guides the Scrum Team to productively and creatively deliver products of the highest value.  Our collaborative, real-time, online training mirrors the way teams work. 

  16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit
Invaluable preparation for Exam SY0-501 and covers 100% of the exam objectives with clear, concise explanation. You'll learn how to handle threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities using industry-standard tools and technologies, while understanding the role of architecture and design.

  32 Hours; 32 PDUs; 2 College Credits