Advanced Problem Solving (KEPNERandFOURIE™)

16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit

Course Description

Advanced Problem Solving (K&F):  When systems fail, businesses and organizations leak dollars. How quickly can you or your team identify the source of an incident and implement a solution?  The pros who know how to navigate increasingly complex environments and, better yet, to guide others through a maze of problems and decisions, are needed more than ever!

Each of the KandF™ methodologies (including RiskWISE™, ThinkingWISE™, PriorityWISE™, and SolutionWISE - Max4™, Making a Choice™, and Creating a Solution™) have been tested and proven to provide optimal benefit to organizations around the world. Learning to use them will set you and your team up for success now and in the future. Find yourself firmly in the category of IT Superhero.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn how to ask the right questions in order to solve problems faster than ever before 
  • Create permanent solutions that avoid future losses 
  • Curtail downtime, avoid security breaches, and reduce escalations 
  • Create significant savings for your organization 
  • Apply the knowledge you have learned to a current work problem or challenge and benefit from the input of a master coach

Who This Course is For

  • Current and Aspiring Project Managers
  • Upper Management
  • Operations Managers
  • General Managers
  • Department Heads


Must be curious with an insatiable desire to be an Expert Problem Solver and Go-To Solution-Finder

Certification Earned

Certificate of Completion


40 Questions, Multiple Choice Test, Certified by IPPS