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Change Management™ Practitioner

12 Hours; 12 PDUs; .5 College Credits

Course Description

Managing change within an organization is neither fast nor easy. Combined with the Change Management™ Foundation course, the Practitioner-level course guides participants as they continue to develop their body of knowledge in the discipline of change management to the higher APMG standard.


Learning Objectives

  • To confirm whether the candidate has achieved sufficient know-how to apply and tailor Change Management guidance in a given organizational change setting.
  • Start applying the Change Management™ approaches and techniques to a real change initiative - but may not be sufficiently skilled to do this appropriately for all situations


Who This Course is For

  • Project Managers, Project Directors
  • Change Practitioners, Fire-Starters, Trail-Blazers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Managers
  • Stakeholders
  • Upper Management
  • CEO’s
  • Anyone who is trying to LEAD and INSPIRE CHANGE!



Change Management™ Foundation


Certification Earned

Candidates who have passed the Change Management™ Practitioner examination can put "Change Management Practitioner" on their business cards. They can also include the link to APMG's online list of Change Management™ Practitioners.

Exam Information

This course prepares the participant for the official APMG International Change Management™ Practitioner exam. This 150-minute exam consists of four questions with a possible twenty (20) points per question. The student must score a minimum of 50% to pass the exam. The exam is a restricted open book exam.

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