Professional Scrum Master

16 Hours; 16 PDUs; 1 College Credit

Course Description

In the agile environment, the Scrum Master guides the Scrum Team to productively and creatively deliver products of the highest value. Scrum skills cannot be learned in isolation, which is why AristaLearn has created the first virtual and live Scrum Master course. Our collaborative, real-time, online training mirrors the way teams work. We use cutting edge tools you and your team will be able to immediately take back to your companies without interrupting other tool sets or enterprise software.  Students can now enjoy the convenience of virtual training while benefiting from the interaction the live environment provides.

After you complete the class and the test, you will be given your very own set of Scrum Master Smart Cards to use on your mobile device anytime you need quick tips on sprint planning, backlog grooming, Scrum guidelines, etc.


Learning Objectives

  • Explain, teach, coach and facilitate the proper use of the Scrum framework
  • Understand how Scrum implements empiricism in product development
  • Understand how Scrum is best used to increase an organization's agility
  • Master the tools to get Scrum teams going and help them continuously self-develop
  • Guide an organization in scaling to multiple Scrum Teams working on one product
  • Align development on product lines or multiple interconnected products

Who This Class is For

  • Professionals with expertise in Lean and/or Agile methodologies who wish to earn Scrum certification
  • Project Managers
  • Team leaders
  • Software developers
  • Scrum Masters lacking certification
  • Anyone responsible for rolling out Scrum initiatives within their organization



Certification Earned

Students who pass the exam will receive the PSM1 Certification

Exam Information

This course prepares the participant for the PSM1 Assessment