Negotiation for Business Leaders

20 Hours; 20 PDUs; 1.5 College Credits

Course Description

Graduates of our Negotiation Cornerstones from around the world report big improvements in their negotiations immediately after this negotiation training course.  Whether you're needing to persuade colleagues internally or externally, you'll notice greater confidence and competence to create and guide dramatically better deals. Your recognition will earn you more respect and greater responsibility.

Learning Objectives

  • Win more 'yeses' by persuading and influencing, without needing to make margin bleeding concessions
  • Understanding the wants and needs of colleagues and counterparts better, enabling you to create more value
  • Navigating challenging deals, relying upon our tool-sets to prepare and negotiate
  • Expand the deal's value while claiming your share
  • Learn how to review your negotiations to draw out empowering lessons
  • Getting more of the prices you want, whether increases or discounts
  • Controlling your meetings using your agenda and more
  • Identifying your preferred negotiation styles, knowing how to shift style, especially between collaboration and competition. Handling tough competitive negotiators
  • Identify your preferred negotiation styles from your Negotiation Styles profile report
  • Navigating your way through confrontational objections with confidence
  • Stop falling for manipulative tactics, comfortably neutralizing their tactics while preserving your relationship
  • Understanding your negotiation power and how to boost your power
  • Start learning how to negotiate in a team, including lead negotiator
  • Earn the knowledge and control you need by asking the right questions in the optimal sequence
  • Banish stress to feel confident about your effective preparation and newfound skills
  • Build your credibility and reputation in all meetings

Who This Course is For

  • Anyone who wants to achieve Better Outcomes in Human Interactions – 1 to 1 or Complex; Business or Highly Charged Personal – Any and everyone
  • Project Managers, Project Directors
  • Managers, Operations, Procurement Professionals
  • Complex Sales Professionals
  • IT Professionals in charge of multi-million-dollar / multi-year contracts
  • HR Professionals
  • Any Executive who wants to get the most out of their staff and teams
  • Anyone who is tired of having to give away too much to save a deal or seeing deals crumble



Certification Earned

Certificate of Completion