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Mindfulness Courses

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Start Accessing the Most Aligned Version of Yourself

If you want to manifest the life you want, you must be in Alignment.

I’m Julissa. My goal is for you to feel the ease of being aligned with your Authentic Self.

Align your Mind to Manifest is a unique course I created to teach Alignment on a different level and help you “inner” stand how essential Alignment is to Manifesting Successfully

Magnetic Mastery is my “work with me” one on one sessions for a month long. For 30 days, we go on a journey together, I go deep into multiple layer this helps you resolve core issues on every level of your being. I Intuitively translate the language of your body – mind – spirit helping you become aware of the imbalances in your vibration. You’ll naturally be guided to heal past, present, and future while learning how to make energetic shifts in your life. It’s a journey… to be Aligned you must actively engage in your own Healing Process, become Magnetic with me

My Staying Aligned call is for those who have a strong innerstanding of alignment and want a “little” help staying aligned. We meet once a week in small group setting. You’ll have full access to me and “Hot Topics” on Alignment every week. Ready to stay aligned?