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“Only three things happen naturally in organizations: friction, confusion, and underperformance. Everything else requires leadership.” 

– Peter Drucker

The Leadership & Learning Lifecycle: How Leaders Are Made

Leadership and Learning are inextricably tied together; different sides of the same coin.  Good leaders are perpetual learners. Likewise, hungry, eager learners ultimately find themselves in leadership roles.  It is with that understanding and research that we created the Learning Lifecycle. Review each step and see where you are on your Leadership / Learning journey.

YEARN:  In the first stage, you must yearn to make a difference, to change the status quo, to solve the problems and fill in the gaps you encounter, while motivating and inspiring your team to do the same.

LEARN:  Problem-solving, decision-making, negotiating and managing change are all skills you’ll master during the learn phase. Our methodologies guide you through every step, and the scalability of our coursework means that your team learns these tools and techniques right alongside you.

TURN:  “Turn” refers to that stage at which the challenges of learning and mastering new tasks and thought processes reaches a natural turning point, and the going gets a little tougher. During this phase, it’s critical to dig in and move forward without turning back.

EARN:  Expanded skills and refined capabilities multiply your options and potential gains. Leaders and their teams who reach this level of accomplishment earn credibility, confidence and competence in addition to financial rewards and professional recognition.

BURN:  While it’s critical to celebrate and enjoy the hard-earned successes you and your team have earned, the next step is to “burn” off the comfort and complacency and prepare for the next challenges ahead.

IT Leadership Certificate Program

Learning technology is just half the equation.  To be an effective tech leader in today’s global economy, you also must know how to solve problems, negotiate with vendors, stakeholders and peers, and you need to learn how to manage diverse, distributed teams in complex environments.  This IT Leadership Certificate Program is designed to fortify all the skills you need now and in the future.

Phases of the IT Leadership Certificate Program

[1] Evaluate, [2] Negotiate, [3] Collaborate, [4] Innovate and [5] Elevate

We Innovate to Elevate.  Many times, however, corporate innovations fail.  The Leadership Certificate Program is designed to ensure projects are more successful.

At every state of this IT Leadership Framework, the most fitting courses are offered in a sequence that continually builds on lessons learned.  This leadership framework fortifies the entire professional development journey, both for individuals, groups and companies.